March 4, 2014 at 1:45 pm

Tom Gage

Tigers' Ian Kinsler shows he won't duck controversy

Tigers second baseman Ian Kinsler created a bit of a media firestorm with his comments about the Rangers in an ESPN the Magazine profile. (Robin Buckson / Detroit News)

Gages 140 (words, not characters).

Lakeland, Fla. We found out something about Tigers second baseman Ian Kinsler on Tuesday.

Hes not going to disappear when encountering a media storm.

In the wake of an ESPN the Magazine story in which he called the Rangers general manager a sleazeball, Kinsler knew his response would be sought.

He also knew thered be reporters at his locker, and that his first reaction at center-stage as a Tiger would be impression-forming.

Some players dont like being the center of attention, even when theyve stirred it up themselves.

No comment is their easy way out.

Kinsler, however, claimed his remarks were taken a little out of context. Notice he said only a little.

He didnt claim innocence.

He said of the story its out there, cant do much about it now.

And he was right, about that.

Up front and right.