March 22, 2014 at 1:00 am

Terry Foster

Roundball One played role in Bad Boys' success

Today, the Pistons still fly Roundball One, but it's a replacement of the original airliner that carried the Bad Boys. (Detroit News file)

This is the sixth in a series of stories leading to the reunion of the Pistons Bad Boys team March 28 at The Palace.

One of the heroes of the first Pistons title wasnt a player, coach or general manager.

It was Roundball One, the teams private plane.

Pistons owner Bill Davidson bought the 18-year-old British Aerospace Company-111 from former Mavericks owner Donald Carter for $2 million and renovated it to accommodate 24 large players.

Roundball One gave the Pistons the advantage of leaving for a new destination immediately after the conclusion of their games. The rest of the league? It flew commercial (today every NBA team either has its own plane or charters flights).

In the first season the Pistons used the plane, they went 26-11 (0-4 when it was under repair).

It was a prime example of the competitive nature of Davidson. He looked for any edge he could.

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