April 5, 2014 at 5:08 pm

Tony Paul

Review: Tigers' new poutine hot dog not for everybody -- so, more for me

The poutine hot dog is covered in gravy, french fries and cheese curds. (Tony Paul / Detroit News)

Detroit My first thought was, it's not so messy.

That was a pleasant surprise.

After all, when you've been warned your ballpark hot dog is going to arrive loaded up with gravy, french fries and cheese curds in other words, a frank topped with Canada's favorite guilty pleasure, poutine you expect the worst.

That's been the biggest turnoff among Tigers fans, who mostly find the idea of Comerica Park's newest hot dog a bit unappealing, aesthetically.

But let's put that to rest. It's not so bad, as I learned when Comerica Park chef Scott Storbeck was kind enough to deliver me one before Saturday's Tigers-Orioles game.

As for the taste, I'll be frank (groan). It's not for everybody.

I know many people, and I'm one of them, who don't like soggy bread and given that the gravy is layered on the bun, underneath the hot dog, it gets so soaked it's breaking apart at the bottom.

But you can work around that. The fine folks at Comerica Park are kind enough to provide you with a fork, so you can pick at just the dog, fries and curds, if you so choose.

I mostly did.

And from there, it was rather delicious. Then again, I'm a fan of hot dogs, gravy, french fries and all things cheese. I'd never combined the four, but still, it seemed like an obvious home run, from the start.

The one surprising thing: It wasn't as filling as you'd imagine, because they don't go crazy with the fries. For that reason, I'll remain partial to the ballpark's Chicago dog.

Still, for $7, you certainly can do much worse than the poutine dog at a ballpark where the concessions prices don't figure to drop anytime soon at least, not until you-know-who collects the last of his $292 million.

And so far, Tigers fans seem to agree.

The poutine dog, available at the Big Cat Food Court by the carousel, outsold all Comerica Park's other new specialty dogs including a slaw dog and baked-beans dog combined on Opening Day.

Curiosity clearly got the best of folks.

Myself included.