May 16, 2014 at 1:00 am

Tom Long

Review: Murderous mayhem returns in 'Wolf Creek 2'

Ryan Corr stars as an unwitting tourist who becomes prey for a serial-killer in 'Wolf Creek 2.' (Image Entertainment)

“Wolf Creek 2” is gory, disturbing, inventive, twisted and rather well made.

Which is to say it’s pretty good, considering how deeply sick it is.

As in the original, the monster here is one Mick Taylor (John Jarratt), a pig hunter in the Australian Outback who’s also a particularly bloody serial killer.

The film gets to Mick’s essence straight away as he disposes of two clueless cops dumb enough to mess with him in the middle of nowhere. Then Mick stumbles upon a cute couple of German tourists camping in a tent.

This grisly encounter concludes the film’s appetizer plate as Mick moves on to the main course: a British tourist named Paul Hammersmith (Ryan Corr), whose unfortunate fate it is to interrupt Mick as he’s playing with the Germans.

Soon enough, the film morphs from random murderous mayhem into a chase flick as Mick goes gunning after Paul — chasing him down the highway in a stolen semi, tracking him across the plains, even riding him down on horseback.

You know Paul doesn’t stand a chance, so writer-director Greg Mclean keeps giving him one. Mclean made his name with the first “Wolf Creek,” mainly through the sheer awfulness of the Mick Taylor character. Here he keeps the film moving from one bloody encounter to the next, culminating in a house-of-horrors finale that’s the stuff of gore classics.

Throughout, Jarratt is wonderfully cruel and gleeful in his brutal work. Understand, this is a guy who takes joy in running over kangaroos on the highway, yelling, “Welcome to Australia!” You probably don’t want to meet him, even on a movie screen. But for splatter fans, Mick Taylor is the real (again, sick) deal.

'Wolf Creek 2'


Not rated

Running time: 106 minutes

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