May 23, 2014 at 8:20 pm

Police called to Farmington Hills school when parents protest event cancellation

Police were called to Mercy High School in Farmington Hills on Thursday after parents got upset over a canceled annual year-end event.

Administrators reportedly canceled the Moving Up ceremony because of senior pranks at the all-girls Catholic school. According to students, the pranks included toilet papering the cafeteria, putting plastic wrap on chairs and balloons in the hallway.

Police received an anonymous call around 2 p.m. Thursday, said Lt. J. King. Students texted their parents about the canceled event and parents showed up to protest, he said.

“Somehow we were called to keep the peace,” King said. “When we got there it was relatively peaceful. There was a loud disagreement between a couple of people.”

King said there were no arrests.

Calls to Mercy High President Cheryl Delaney Kreger and spokeswoman Julie Earle were not immediately returned for comment.

Thursday was the last day of school.

The Moving Up ceremony is an annual tradition for Mercy High. It includes seniors filing out of the auditorium while the remaining grade levels hold hands and weave through the room to their new seats. The students then sing the school song “We are Mercy.”

Students and alumni took to social media after the incident to weigh in with their thoughts. On the school’s Facebook page on Friday, alumnae Anne Berry Daugherty wrote that she stood behind the administration’s decision.

“The whole idea of ‘Senior Pranks’ has gotten out of hand in many schools, and when it’s destructive/creates problems for others, that’s a problem that needs to be stopped,” she wrote. “And the action by the administration demonstrates to the 11th-9th grade students that this behavior is unacceptable and won’t be tolerated.”
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