May 28, 2014 at 1:00 am


Fighting Detroit's abortion crisis

Re: Karen Bouffard’s May 22 report, “Doctor: Detroit abortion stats ‘like some Third World country’ ”: Last week, I spent two days with a beautiful woman talked out of an abortion by my husband’s pro-life group Guadalupe Partners. I took her to medical appointments, purchased her medications, bought her groceries — a single mother of two whose latest boyfriend urged her to abort, not desiring to father another child.

Guadalupe Partners stands outside of Detroit abortion clinics reaching out to the mothers. For 12 years they have seen the real reasons why one-third of all Detroit “pregnancies ends in abortion.” Public health officials blame “poverty and dwindling access to affordable contraception.” Sadly, health care experts, social workers, educators and clergy are simply unwilling to discuss, much less even admit, the true causes of Detroit’s staggering abortion rate.

After 35 years of helping inner-city women in crisis pregnancy I can say with confidence that the abortion cocktail is mixed with two lethal ingredients: sexual activity without marriage and the irresponsibility of men who beget children and do not father them. The article itself noted that nearly 90 percent of women obtaining abortions in Detroit are unmarried. These are women who face motherhood without the support of an intact family, a husband, or at least responsible live-in boyfriend who supports her and nurtures his children. This causes women to experience poverty, low-self esteem, abandonment, a sense of being overwhelmed and unstable personal circumstances. This leads women, often coerced by their boyfriends, to the doors of Detroit abortion centers.

Poverty is very real in Detroit, but we also need to honestly consider how non-marital sexual behavior and absentee fathers contribute to poverty — how these elements hold women back from jobs and educational opportunities. And throwing more birth control pills at women will not get at the real source of Detroit’s economic problems or tragic abortion rate either. Heal the family, call men to responsibility and you will do much to bring life back to the Motor City for the born and the innocent unborn.

Monica Migliorino Miller, director,

Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, South Lyon