May 29, 2014 at 6:35 pm

Lions announce scouting department changes

Rob Lohman, who was officially announced as the Lions' assistant director of pro personnel Thursday, helped spot draft picks such as guard Larry Warford, pictured above. (Daniel Mears / Detroit News)

The Lions officially announced some recent changes to their scouting department Thursday.

After serving as the team’s college scouting coordinator and a regional scout, Rob Lohman was promoted to assistant director of pro personnel.

Lohman joined the Lions in 2007 and scouted the Southeastern Conference in recent years before covering Texas colleges last year. He helped the Lions discover offensive guard Larry Warford, a third-round pick out of Kentucky in 2013 who was one of the NFL’s top rookies, among other players.

“Rob is a great asset to both our pro and college scouting,” general manager Martin Mayhew said in a statement. “As we continue to seek ways to improve our player personnel operations each year, we want to identify individuals who can help evaluate, select and grow our talent level on this team. Rob has done a great job for us and his new role will benefit our evaluation of pro prospects and free agents alike.

"Additionally, his experience and expertise in advance scouting will contribute to our preparation and game planning of our upcoming opponents throughout the season.”

The team also named Patrick Mularkey a pro personnel coordinator after hiring him as an intern earlier this year. Mularkey is the son of former Jaguars and Bills head coach Mike Mularkey. Before joining the Lions, he worked for the Jaguars as a scouting assistant and strength assistant.

Scouts Joe Kelleher and Darren Anderson will also have expanded roles. Kelleher will move from the Midwest region to the plains and central region while Anderson will scout the Midwest after spending the past two years as the team’s BLESTO scouting service rep.

Alan Anderson will now serve as the BLESTO scout after spending the past three years as a pro personnel assistant.

The staff changes are related to the recent retirements of Miller McCalmon, former assistant director of pro personnel, and Silas McKinnie, a regional scout.