June 2, 2014 at 9:46 pm

Tony Paul

Week 9 MLB Power Rankings: Blue Jays and Tigers, set for big series, check in at Nos. 3, 4

Max Scherzer has struggled a bit as of late, but then again, so has most of the Tigers starting rotation. (Otto Greule Jr / Getty Images)

Tony Paul goes around the league, with the ninth of his weekly Major League Baseball Power Rankings.

1. Giants (last week: 1): Here’s a phenomenal piece on Brandon Crawford, courtesy of SportsOnEarth.com.

2. A’s (2): Lost in all their good play, Yoenis Cespedes isn’t playing all that well. His slash line: .240/.296/.490.

3. Blue Jays (10): If they can stay healthy — ahem, Jose Bautista and Jose Reyes — this team is seriously legit.

4. Tigers (3): Interesting stretch coming up: Blue Jays, Red Sox, then series against all four AL Central teams.

5. Brewers (9): Their Khris Davis (nine) has more home runs than the Orioles’ Chris Davis (seven). Wow.

6. Braves (5): Gavin Floyd, a flameout with the White Sox, has found a revival in Atlanta. His FIP is a fine 3.13.

7. Cardinals (4): They’ve only won two series this year against teams that look like postseason contenders.

8. Angels (6): Josh Hamilton finally returns from the disabled list Tuesday. Can he pick up where he left off?

9. Yankees (7): Without Masahiro Tanaka, they’d be starting at a last-place finish. Actually, it’s still possible.

10. Rangers (13): I’m calling it, now. Yu Darvish is finally going to throw a no-hitter, after several close calls.

11. Dodgers (11): They thought they had too many good outfielders? Now they just have one, Yasiel Puig.

12. Orioles (12): How on Earth does this team of bashers only have a .370 slugging percentage at home?

13. Red Sox (21): Talk about a roller coaster. First they lost 10 in a row, and now they’ve won seven straight.

14. Pirates (17): It’s expected that top hitting prospect Gregory Polanco finally will get called up this month.

15. White Sox (19): Ann Arbor Pioneer alumn Zach Putnam is fitting right in with their bullpen (0.955 WHIP).

16. Mariners (16): Lloyd McClendon wins the series, but don’t kid yourself. He still would prefer the Tigers job.

17. Rockies (8): They’ve slipped, but lucky for them, there’s enough parity to keep them in the wild-card hunt.

18. Nationals (14): Sooo ... about that Doug Fister trade now. Tigers’ haul, predictably, not looking good.

19. Marlins (18): Giancarlo Stanton is gonna put to the test the theory than an MVP must be on a contender.

20. Twins (15): Ex-Tigers prospect Casey Fien is rocking the dazzling 0.783 WHIP in the Twins’ bullpen.

21. Indians (22): Sans Chris Sale, there isn’t a better starter in the AL Central right now than Corey Kluber.

22. Rays (23): Gotta say, David Price won a lot of points for chastising David Ortiz’s idiotic “war” comment.

23. Royals (20): No word comes they are interested in Kendrys Morales. What took them so darn long?

24. Reds (24): Aroldis Chapman has been himself since returning from surgery, with 18 K’s in 10 innings.

25. Mets (27): Terry Collins wanted to give Jose Valverde, probably at Jim Leyland’s recommendation. It failed.

26. Padres (26): They’ll hope to do better in the draft than 10 years ago, when they took a future felon No. 1.

27. Astros (30): Told folks they were better than most thought. Not good, of course. But definitely better.

28. Phillies (25): Jimmy Rollins shouldn’t be a Phillie for much longer. Oh, he shouldn’t be a Tiger either.

29. Diamondbacks (29): Hat tip to Homer’s Josh Collmenter, for his minimum-batter, complete-game shutout.

30. Cubs (28): All that’s left to watch this year? How much do they get in a Jeff Samardzija trade next month.