June 4, 2014 at 1:00 am

Award honors Angelo Henderson

The Detroit News has created the Angelo B. Henderson Community Commitment Award. In 2015, it will honor journalist and community activist Angelo Henderson, who died this winter.

Angelo was very dear to our family at The News. He was a former News staff writer who won a Pulitzer Prize with the Wall Street Journal. His wife, Felecia Henderson, is our assistant managing editor.

He left the newspaper business to become a minister and radio host.

In those roles, he moved from reporting about the struggles in our community to helping solve them.

Angeloís message was one of shared responsibility. He believed the only way a community could get better is if its people resolved to make it better.

This award will be given annually to those who reflect Angeloís philosophy, as well as his example. Angelo didnít simply call people to action, he acted himself, organizing citizen patrols to bring order to dangerous neighborhoods.

We will honor those who do the same, who are willing to confront challenges with individual initiative, to stand up for what is right.

We miss Angelo, but through this award, we hope to keep his spirit and his mission alive.

Jonathan Wolman,

Editor and Publisher

The Detroit News