June 6, 2014 at 1:00 am


Design ideas to add charm to your decor

This design-it-yourself photo clock kit is available for $44.46 at fullfurnishings.com. (Full Furnishings)

Are you handy? Even just a little? Well here are some easy do-it-yourself ideas that you might want to try for your home.

■Make a unique clock that will fill a wall. Simply pick out 12 special photos of anything. It is wise to have a theme. Twelve photos of family vacations or family members are one idea. Frame them with matching frames. Make a clock from a clock kit that you can buy from a craft store. The clock kit should not have any numbers because the photos will serve as the “numbers.” The clock will be hung on the wall in the center and the photos will be hung on the wall arranged like a clock from noon through 11.

■Fill empty picture frames with a chalkboard (which you also could DIY with some chalkboard paint) to create a nice noticeboard. You can leave notes to family members on the chalkboard and the piece is decorative as well.

■Re-cover your cushions with no sewing skills needed. Select fabric that you want to cover your pillow. It needs to be 2 times the width of the pillow and 3 times the length. Lay the pillow flat on the fabric and in the center. Fold the fabric on the shorter side so it meets in the middle on the pillow. Then fold the ends (the long sides of the fabric) like you are wrapping a present. Fold into points. Take the two pointed folds and tie them together making a knot. Tuck the remaining ends in. Now you have a refreshed pillow — without any sewing.

■Make your own art for the wall by starting with a board. Glue letters to the board — anything you want. It can be the names of the members of your family. It can be a saying that you love. It can be random letters, some in capitals and some in lower case. When finished, paint the board and the letters one color and, voila, instant art.

■Old, vintage suitcases make for great tables, and they are easy to find at flea markets, thrift stores and at antique shops. The hard casing ones are the best because they are sturdy and can be piled on top of each other. If you find one that is large, attach legs and you have a cocktail table. Search for three or four of different sizes and pile them on top of each other with the largest one on the bottom and the smallest on top. Now you have a night stand or an end table — you choose. If you can find extra-large suitcases, such as trunk-sized ones, it could be used as a cocktail table, with the added advantage of storage.

Rosemary Sadez Friedmann, an interior designer in Naples, Fla., is author of “Mystery of Color.” For design inquiries, write to Rosemary at DsgnQuest@aol.com.