June 6, 2014 at 1:00 am

The Handyman

Help around the house to make your dad's day

Helping Dad with his to do list lets him relax and enjoy Father's Day. (PhotoDisc)

Father’s Day is June 15, and instead of just buying Dad a gift, why not help him with his to do list so he can relax on his special day.

If Dad likes to barbecue, get the grill in top shape. On the outside, clean it with Simple Green or another all-purpose cleaner and rinse it off. If the exterior paint has faded, you can use special high-heat grill paint from Rust-Oleum, rustoleum.com, or Krylon, krylon.com, to make it look new again. You can also clean up the shiny parts with Flitz Stainless Steel and Chrome Clean, flitz.com.

Clean really counts on the inside, as well, and since 2006, the Grill Daddy Brush Company, (203) 637-0001, buygrilldaddy.com, has been using steam to blast through the grease and grime on grill grates. Available in various sizes, the brush is designed to keep your hands out of the heat while debris and buildup stays off your food.

Giving his car, truck or SUV a thorough cleaning would be another great Father’s Day gift. According to Steve Licht of Details Matter, (586) 557-4947, a quality car detailing company, the secret is using separate soap and rinse buckets with grit guards to keep contaminants out of your water.

Leave the dishwashing liquid under the kitchen sink! Use specialty soaps formulated exclusively for automotive finishes. For best results, dry with microfiber towels. Then use wheel cleaners and a brush to make all four of them shine. Detailers suggest using a Clay Bar to remove contaminants and prepare the surface to accept wax. You can find how-to videos and a complete selection of products at either Chemical Guys, chemicalguys.com, or Auto Geek, autogeek.net.

Now it’s time to clean the inside windows, gauges and mirror with a microfiber cloth and Invisible Glass, invisibleglass.com, or Sprayway Glass Cleaner, spraywayinc.com.

If his floor mats have seen better days, get him the FloorLiner DigitalFit mats from WeatherTech, weathertech.com. They are customized for a perfect fit for most vehicles and made from a proprietary engineered resin that can be easily removed from the vehicle and cleaned with a garden hose.

Another project you can tackle that would make Dad really happy is cleaning out and organizing the garage. One of the best ways is to hang shovels, rakes and other outdoor lawn and garden tools on hooks. If your dad hasn’t done this yet, you could hang up a GearTrack Pack from Gladiator, gladiatorgw.com, that features an assortment of hooks.

Showing Dad how much he means to you by helping him around the house will certainly make his day even more special. If you have to buy him something, try a gift card to his favorite hardware store or home center to get himself something. Then he can sit back and enjoy the Tigers-Twins afternoon game knowing that his to-do list got shorter, thanks to you.

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