June 9, 2014 at 1:00 am

Tony Paul

Week 10 MLB Power Rankings: Tamed Tigers drop one spot, to No. 5

One bright spot in the bullpen this year for the Tigers has been Joba Chamberlain, even though he was tagged with the blown save Sunday night. (Elizabeth Conley / Detroit News)

Tony Paul goes around the league, with the 10th of his weekly Major League Baseball Power Rankings.

1. Giants (last week: 1): They’ve won twice as many games as they’ve lost, and we’re in mid-June. Nuts.

2. A’s (2): They remain the leaders in run-differential, and by a wide margin — at plus-128. Nuts, as well.

3. Blue Jays (3): You know they are doing well when their fans, for the first time, take over Comerica Park.

4. Brewers (5): Per MLB.com, they have so many hot hitters right now, it’s creating lineup problems. Ooook.

5. Tigers (4): Joe Nathan is becoming an issue, so much so that they might actually have to explore a trade.

6. Angels (8): They’re legit on offense, with Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton healthy. But they need pitching.

7. Cardinals (7): Wow. They went into Toronto and silenced MLB’s best offense, with consecutive shutouts.

8. Braves (6): Once flooded with stud bullpen arms, they’re shopping for relief. That’s how fickle ’pens can be.

9. Orioles (12): Interesting to see the punishment for Manny Machado’s bat toss. Should be at least five games.

10. Rangers (10): If voting was today, how does Ron Washington not win manager of the year, with all the injuries?

11. Dodgers (11): John Fay wrote on Twitter — Monday night, they started six guys who make $2 million or less.

12. Yankees (9): Ichiro Suzuki actually is turning into a nice bench piece. In 50 games, he’s batting .320/.377/.359.

13. Pirates (14): They’ve perked up a bit lately. If Jeff Locke can find his form, they’ll perk up some more.

14. Indians (21): In mid-May, they were 10.5 games back. Today, June 9, they’re just three behind. Impressive.

15. Mariners (16): Still just two homers for Robinson Cano, who averaged 28 a year the last five seasons.

16. Nationals (18): Our weekly Doug Fister update — the ex-Tiger is 4-1 with a 3.19 ERA in six starts.

17. White Sox (15): Thursday should be an absolute gem — Detroit’s Max Scherzer vs. Chicago’s Chris Sale.

18. Red Sox (13): Series in Detroit was their first since mid-May that didn’t result in a sweep, one way or the other.

19. Marlins (19): Tied for first, on June 9, without Jose Fernandez. This definitely is the team of the year, so far.

20. Royals (23): They averaged more than four runs in their last seven games. That, folks, is actually progress.

21. Twins (20): Give them credit. At least they believe in themselves. Even enough to sign Kendrys Morales.

22. Reds (24): Billy Hamilton is racking up the steals (23), but he’s also getting caught way too much (seven).

23. Padres (26): Huston Street is expected to be among the top trade chips. Think Detroit would be interested?

24. Rockies (17): A mini-surge early in the year has given way to hard times, mostly because of poor pitching.

25. Astros (27): They had their third straight No. 1 overall pick. Going out on a limb, they won’t have a fourth in a row.

26. Mets (25): Curtis Granderson is not likely his new home. At Citi Field, he’s batting just .167 with two home runs.

27. Diamondbacks (29): Expect veteran Oliver Perez’s name to come up again, as teams shop for some bullpen help.

28. Phillies (28): If Jimmy Rollins actually turns down a trade, that’ll speak volumes about what winning means to him.

29. Cubs (30): They’re grooming the arms nicely, but they have a long way to go to field a respectable offense.

30. Rays (22): They were going so bad, they brought in a Medicine Man — then they lost again, 3-0. Uhh, refund?