June 13, 2014 at 7:04 pm

Lions are 2015 Super Bowl champs, according to Grand Blanc man's tattoo

A caller, identified only as 'David from Grand Blanc,' called in to the 'Dave & Chuck the Freak' show Friday to say he was getting the tattoo pictured above. (Courtesy of Dave and Mr. Freak.)

The Lions are going all the way next season — according to one fan’s leg.

A caller to the “Dave & Chuck the Freak” show on 101.1 FM got a tattoo inked on his leg Friday. The tattoo, pictured above, features the Lions logo with the Lombardi Trophy and the words “Super Bowl 2015 Champs.”

The Lions have not won a playoff game since 1992.

After teasing that a listener was about to make “a big mistake,” Dave and Chuck introduced “David from Grand Blanc,” calling from a tattoo parlor in Center Line.

David Morian, who is from Hazel Park, said he got the idea for the future tattoo from a fan in Seattle who got a Seahawks Super Bowl champs tattoo last season. The Seahawks, of course, went on to win the Super Bowl, no doubt because of the aforementioned body art.

“I figured we’re already cursed, like everybody says, so maybe this will counteract it, give us a little bit of luck,” Morian said. He added if the Lions don’t win the Super Bowl, he’s willing to cross out the “2015” and replace it with the following year until they win.

Later, in a phone interview with The News, Morian added: “Hopefully people can give some positive motivation to the Detroit Lions. It’d be better to be fans than just bash them.

“They got the new coach (Jim Caldwell). They’ve always had the talent. I’m thinking they probably just need more motivation.”

Most of Morian’s friends told him light-hearted jokes about the tattoo, but he said someone on social media suggest he chop the leg off. His parents, meanwhile, still love him.

“They think it’s stupid, but they’re older,” he said. “They don’t look at me different.”

Listen to a podcast of the interview here.

Josh Katzenstein contributed.