June 14, 2014 at 1:00 am


Remember to honor Old Glory today

Flag Day, which is the official holiday to celebrate the American flag, will be observed today.

It is important for all Americans to celebrate this day to not only honor the nationís symbol, but also to remember what the flag means. As you are looking at the flag as it flies so gracefully in the wind, remember that flag represents what this country stands for and the sacrifices so many men and women have given to protect what it means.

The United States of America is a country that embodies the principles of liberty, freedom and opportunity for all. Our country is one that is the ultimate beacon of hope in the dark and stormy times that the world has faced in the past. Time and time again the United States has faced great challenges and has been able to overcome these challenges while leading the world into a brighter future.

The symbol that embodies all of the qualities that the United States stands for is the countryís preeminent symbol.

That symbol is our flag. The American flag is symbolic of the sacrifices of our heroes that have not only fought for the freedom and sovereignty of the United States but also sacrificed to ensure that the world was not conquered by tyrants.

The American flag is the symbol around the world of the promise that freedom offers.

When the world was enveloped into war for the second time in less than 50 years, it was the United States that sacrificed its soldiers to ensure that the world would not be taken over by the evil forces of the axis powers.

Itís the iconic photos of the American flag being raised that draws instant feelings of pride and understanding that we as Americans will always band together to fight for what is right. The photo of the American flag being raised by the American soldiers on Iwo Jima instantly reminds us that the United States has always been hope for the world when fighting tyranny.

Or the photo of the firefighters raising the American flag after the United States was attacked on our own soil on September 11, 2001. Everyone remembers that image as one that brought us together to remember that outsiders may destroy our buildings but they will never destroy our values and what it means to be an American.

That is why it is important to remember what the American flag symbolizes.

The stars on the flag symbolize the 50 states.

The 13 stripes symbolize the original colonies of the United States.

The colors represent unique meanings: White stripes, for purity and innocence. Red stripes symbolize hardiness and valor. Blue represents the color of the chief.

Michael Soviak is president of Revolution Flag Group.