June 15, 2014 at 11:42 pm

Joe Nathan's hefty ERA doesn't see light on Tigers scoreboard

Were the Tigers trying to protect their closer Joe Nathan by not showing his bloated ERA on the scoreboard when he pitched Friday night?

The team says no.

“Told unintentionally omitted,” said Ron Colangelo, vice president of communications.

Still, it opened some eyes.

When Nathan was called in for the ninth inning Friday night, he carried a 7.04 ERA— a sore spot among Tigers fans not thrilled with the production they’re getting from their $20 million closer.

Typically, on the strip scoreboard underneath the big scoreboard in left field, the current pitcher’s ERA is shown on the far right — next to strikes, balls, total pitches and strikeouts.

Instead, the Olde English D was on the far right when Nathan was in, and not his ERA.

Joe Nathan's ERA wasn't shown on the Comerica Park scoreboard when he came into Friday's game. The team says the omission was not intentional. / Robin Buckson / Detroit News