June 18, 2014 at 2:39 pm

Coach Jim Caldwell: Lions will bring the noise in practice

Coach Jim Caldwell said his go-to noise addition will be music, though he won't reveal his playlist until August. (Daniel Mears / Detroit News)

Allen Park — The Chicago Bears and New Orleans Saints piped in crowd noise during mandatory minicamps this week, and the Green Bay Packers and Philadelphia Eagles blasted music during organized team activities earlier this offseason.

The Lions, meanwhile, didn't involve any external factors during their offseason practices, but new coach Jim Caldwell plans to add some music during regular-season practices this year.

"It's not going to be new for us," Caldwell said after mandatory minicamp concluded last week. "We do it. We just didn't do it this spring. We're not playing next week, so when we get to the fall, you'll start to see those things on both sides of the ball.

"Every day, either your offense is going to have to deal with the noise or your defense at home has to deal with the noise, right? So we work that constantly."

For the Saints, the added crowd noise makes sense after going 8-0 at home and just 3-5 on the road last season. They also lost in the playoffs in Seattle, widely considered the loudest stadium in the NFL.

Many teams have used crowd noise to help prepare for loud stadiums, but the Saints and Bears show that teams may start to include it more regularly.

In Philadelphia, coach Chip Kelly helped start the trend of playing music throughout practice during his first year in 2013. The former Oregon coach said last spring there was a science to his playlist, which he hoped would boost energy and efficiency during drills.

Practice music certainly wasn't the only factor, but the Eagles did go 10-6 to win the NFC East last season. Players also said last offseason the music challenged them to focus in practice, which helped simulate the external factors they endure on game days.

Caldwell said his go-to noise addition will be music, though he won’t reveal his playlist until August.

"Typically, we'll use music rather than crowd noise," he said. "Sometimes it's a little bit more entertaining."