June 21, 2014 at 1:00 am

Grapevine: WKNR Keener 13 reunion a big hit

WKNR Keener 13 veterans at the reunion include, bottom left, L-R Pat St. John, John Meagher, Jim Brooker and Jim Kerr. Standing are Top L-R Frank 'Swingin'' Sweeney, left, Scott Regen, Bob Green, Jerry Goodwin, Gary Stevens and Robin Seymour. (Steve Schram)

Still Keener, 50 years later

The reunion of legendary 1960s radio station WKNR Keener 13 went well at the Red Eye Grill in New York City last weekend. “It was truly a special event,” says Bob Green, WKNR personality (and eventually, program director). “I have to give credit to Frank ‘Swingin’ Sweeney who picked the venue and organized so much of it. (General manager) Frank Maruca couldn’t make it, but we were able to Skype and bring him into the fray. Some of us have kept in touch on a regular basis. For a few others, it’s been decades. WKNR was but a blip on the radar screen time-wise, and we’re all amazed how it’s still remembered by so many Detroiters. ... We were lucky to have been in the biz when content was not only the music, but what aired between the records, the right combination of radio science and art. The presentation of the content made Keener unique.”

Tracy Morgan heads to rehab

Just two weeks after being in a terrible accident on the New Jersey Turnpike, actor and comedian Tracy Morgan is out of the hospital and in rehab, according to his rep, as reported by tmz.com. He’s finally on the mend after suffering several broken bones, including his femur. Although he shows “signs of improvement,” the rep made it clear Morgan has a long way to go.

'Paid in Full' and 'Heartlock' receive film incentives

The Michigan Film Office reported Friday that two fea­ture films, “Paid in Full” and “Heartlock,” have been approv­ed to receive state film incentives. “Paid in Full” is set to beg­in production this month in Novi and all of its post-production work will be in Michigan. The film was awarded a $48,457 incentive on projected in-state expenditures of $157,373. “Paid in Full” is expected to hire 37 Michigan workers. “Heartlock” will include locations in Jackson and at the Standish Correctional Facility. It was approved for an incent­ive of $139,568 on $503,150 of projected expenditures in the state. “Heartlock” is expected to hire 39 Michigan workers.

President's daughters get in on the act

According to tmz.com, President Obama’s youngest daughter, Sasha, got a chance to visit the set of “Pretty Little Liars,” the teen drama mystery television series. The 13-year-old spent Thursday with the entire cast. Older sister Malia got a weeklong gig as a production assistant on Halle Berry’s new sci-fi CBS show “Extant,” produced by Steven Spielberg and his Amblin Entertainment team.