June 21, 2014 at 1:00 am

10 new adult beverages for summer celebrating

Malibu premixed beverages come in three flavors. (maliburumdrinks.com)

Today is the first official day of summer, and after the winter we had, a strong drink may be in order. Here’s a list of some new adult beverages on the market to help refresh you this season:

1. Malibu Premixed Cans: It’s not always convenient to mix up a cocktail, especially at a picnic or on a boat. Malibu has fixed that problem with cans of premixed drinks like rum and coke, rum and pineapple and rum and cranberry. Each 200 ml can has about the same amount of alcohol as a beer.

2. Saison Rouge: This Belgian- and French-style farmhouse ale is new at Royal Oak’s Bastone Brewery. It has notes of caramel, chocolate and fruit. It clocks in at 6.5 percent alcohol by volume (ABV). Enjoy it at Bastone or its sister restaurant, Monk, both at Fifth and Main in downtown Royal Oak.

3. Sauza Tequila Sparkling Margarita Watermelon: This ready-to-drink spirit comes in an elegant glass bottle and is a pretty pink color. If you like sweet drinks with a light amount of alcohol, try this at your next summer party.

4. Hornitos Black Barrel: For tequila drinkers who like to dabble in whiskey (or vice versa), this is a great product. A double gold winner at both the Denver International Spirits Competition and the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Hornitos Black Barrel is a smooth tequila that’s aged for 18 months in three different American oak barrels to give it a whiskey-like flavor. Highly recommended.

5. Woodchuck Hard Cider Mint: Here’s something different and refreshing. From Woodchuck’s Cellar Series line comes mint cider, made with organic spearmint and Vermont McIntosh and Irish bittersweet apples. It’s light and crisp and has no artificial aftertaste.

6. The Muse: As the cider trend continues to swell, the Boston Beer Co.’s Angry Orchard has released the Muse, an apple wine. The carbonated beverage is made with bittersweet apples and aged in French oak. If you like champagne and love cider, this is your jam.

7. Ménage à Trois Vodka: Known for their red wine blends, Ménage à Trois has released a line of vodka that includes a berry and citrus flavors, plus an unflavored vodka. The launch came this week, in time for National Martini Day, which was Thursday.

8. Griffin Claw Gateway IPA: This new Birmingham-brewed beer has all the flavor of an IPA (Indian Pale Ale) but without the heavy alcohol content (it’s just 4 percent). Look for it in a distinctive green and white can.

9. Coors Light Summer Brew: Colorado-based beer company Coors (one of the largest in the world) has released a citrus-flavored beer for summer. It tastes like a summer shandy with the light, crisp taste that this Rocky Mountain party beer is known for.

10. Gratzer: A collaboration between Indiana’s 3 Floyds and Colorado’s New Belgium breweries, Gratzer is a zombie-themed beer in the latter’s Lips of Faith series. Made with Polish hops, this malty, dark brown brew is just 4.5 percent ABV. It may be hard to find; the Fenton Fire Hall taproom had it on tap last week.


Malibu premixed beverages come in three flavors. (maliburumdrinks.com)
Saison Rouge is a new beer available at Bastone and Monk in Royal Oak. (Bastone Brewery)
Whiskey lovers will appreciated this oak barrel aged tequila. (Coyne PR)
The Muse by Angry Orchard is a carbonated apple wine (Jonathan Braga)
Winemakers Ménage à Trois have launched a vodka line (Ménage à Trois)