June 24, 2014 at 1:00 am

TV makeover makes Michigan State coach Tom Izzo's garage rock

East Lansing — It was an arena unlike the ones he is used to, but Tom Izzo has no excuse for not performing in this one as well.

The Michigan State basketball coach, winner of a national championship and seven Big Ten titles at a program that has state of the art facilities at its disposal, has the same type of atmosphere at home.

On Tuesday, he revealed his made-over garage, a project sponsored by Gladiator Brand GarageWorks and headed by DIY Network host Karl Champley.

“Tom Izzo is one of the best Spartans in one of the biggest arenas,” Gladiator general manager Josh Gitlin said. “But he’s no gladiator in the garage.”

The finished product includes signed memorabilia that was auctioned to benefit Homes for Our Troops. Additional items are available for the public to bid on at facebook.com/GladiatorGW with the funds supporting Homes for Troops, an organization committed to building specially adapted homes for service members.

“The concept is incredible,” Izzo said. “And where I’m from this would be a whole house in the U.P. There’s a TV out there and I can’t believe they didn’t put a bathroom in, but man, they did everything else you need.”

The five-car garage included a new line of sports lockers and a Chillerator — a refrigerator built specifically for garages. The garage also has new wall cabinets, work benches and mobile gear cabinets. The lockers will also be offered soon featuring the logos and colors of a handful of college teams.

Photos of Izzo’s garage before the makeover were displayed and showed a much-more disorganized space, one he joked was made to look worse for a good “sales pitch.”

Izzo’s wife, Lupe, was sure to point out the garage will remain in its new state.

“It better stay like this,” she said, offering a warning to her husband.

How much time Izzo will be spending in his new-look garage is yet to be seen, but there is no doubt it’s a much more appealing space than it once was.

“It’s been an amazing thing,” Izzo said. “I watch all the home makeover shows and they’re all cool … as I started going through it I actually really enjoyed what I was seeing. They did such a great job.

“Now I have to get organized on all that I’m doing.”


Basketball memorabilia is one of the features of Michigan State coach Tom Izzo's newly-redesigned garage. / Dale G. Young / Detroit News