June 26, 2014 at 10:08 am

Detroit rapper Trick Trick discusses Rick Ross incident in video

In the profane, impassioned 11-minute clip, Trick Trick apologizes to fans but denies any wrongdoing. (worldstarhiphop.com)

Detroit rapper Trick Trick has released a video statement regarding an incident at Chene Park over the weekend where a group of individuals blocked Miami rapper Rick Ross from performing at WGPR-FM’s (107.5) Summer Jamz concert.

In the profane, impassioned 11-minute clip, Trick Trick apologizes to fans but denies any wrongdoing. He never mentions Ross by name and doesn’t elaborate on the specifics of what sparked the incident.

“My apologies to anybody if you didn’t get to see the people that you wanted to perform, it was not directed at you, nor was it directed at the venue, nor was it directed at the radio station,” says Trick Trick, whose real name is Christian Mathis. “Some things had to be done, they were done, everybody left healthy, and we got everybody’s attention.”

Trick Trick emphasizes the matter was resolved without violence.

“As far as the incident the other day, did you see what the (expletive) the police said? No arrests were made. So what the (expletive) did I do wrong?” he says. “That man said didn’t nothing happen to him, he’s correct. Nothing happened to him.

“All I did was taught brothers how to stand for something and stand for it without being violent… Didn’t nobody get arrested, wasn’t no bloodshed, didn’t nothing happen wrong, other than some people got disappointed in not wanting to see who they wanted to see. And for that, ladies and gentlemen, I apologize. But me and that man’s business is me and that man’s business.”

Trick Trick, who refers to himself as “an appointed representative of the natives” of Detroit, says his “No Fly Zone” policy — where he feels rappers should reach out to him before performing in Detroit — is a matter of respect, not extortion. “My ‘No Fly Zone’ ain’t about taking nobody’s money… don’t you think I would have been in (expletive) prison if that’s what was going on?” he asks.

The rapper focuses the majority of his statement on the Internet community that lit up when news of the incident occurred, saying people thrive on negativity and live too much through their phones.

The full video can be viewed at worldstarhiphop.com. Warning, it contains extremely explicit language.


Rapper Rick Ross (Harry How / Getty Images)