July 2, 2014 at 1:00 am


Michigan needs part-time legislature

Would Michigan be better-served by a part-time Legislature? (Dale G. Young / The Detroit News)

The Legislature is naive or out of touch if it thinks the residents of this state aren’t furious about their inaction on maintaining and improving Michigan roads.

Some legislators don’t want to be rubber stamps for Gov. Rick Snyder, but they will be rubber stamps for Grover Norquist and his “no tax” pledge? But weren’t seniors given a tax increase when lawmakers voted to tax my pension and take away my homestead property tax credit?

Then let’s look at the accomplishments of the Legislature: making of mess of marijuana legislation, funding unproven, faith-based pro-pregnancy programs, obstructing an international bridge, creating a charter school scenario that lacks transparency and accountability, legislating wolf hunting, etc.

Are these really their priorities? Do these actions really benefit the state?

Meanwhile, the roads are damaging our cars and posing a peril to drivers. (I have had two $1,000 repairs to my car in the last few years due to pothole damage. I would rather pay for road repairs than car repairs.)

The Legislature’s mantra that it is doing the will of the people stands in sharp contrast to the public opinion polls that show “we the people” want the roads fixed and the economy addressed.

When it comes to state spending, we want fiscal responsibility and to be assured that quality work is being done on road construction. Perhaps a part-time Legislature would be a good start at cost effectiveness.

Erick Ryberg, Oakland County