July 2, 2014 at 2:19 pm

Lions' Eric Ebron will cruise in customized Dodge Challenger

Eric Ebron looks good in Honolulu blue, but red is not a bad color, either, for the Lions’ rookie tight end.

Ebron ordered a customized red 2014 Dodge Challenger from Dreamworks Motorsports of Roxboro, N.C., and last week was introduced to his new ride.

Dreamworks produced a video for the occasion.

The Challenger has an “Eric Ebron” logo in the trunk, 24-inch custom-painted wheels and twin 12-inch speakers, among other delightful features.

With a $7.2 million signing bonus in his pocket, Ebron can afford it.

Eric Ebron likes the logo in the trunk of his new Dodge Challenger. / YouTube / Dreamworks Motorsports