July 8, 2014 at 1:00 am

Dear Abby: Jeanne Phillips

Scrapbooks full of memories will be cherished

Dear Abby: May I comment about the question from “Unsure in the West,” who wanted to create scrapbooks out of all the cards and letters she received over the years?

My generation (30s) is all about social media. “Unsure” mentioned that all the items she wanted to include were pre-Facebook. I am a bit old-fashioned (or maybe stubborn) so I don’t do Facebook or Twitter, and I don’t understand the importance of a “hashtag.” I have no idea how to Skype, nor do I pay my bills online.

I think the scrapbook idea is wonderful. There is something special about having tangible items to go with im­portant milestones and memories. Even if the gifts don’t strike a chord with her friends, surely the consideration and time she puts in­to the scrapbooks will make her loved ones realize how important they are to her. I say do it. Your friends are lucky to have you.

L.K. in the Midwest

Dear L.k.: Like you, readers overwhelmingly support “Unsure” in her efforts to create scrapbooks. Read on:

Dear Abby: I have also saved cards, letters, wedding photos and pictures of newborns, etc., for several decades. A few years ago, I simply returned them to the people who had sent them. Nearly all of the recipients squealed with delight as they thanked me, having realized I had gifted them with “time capsules” of their lives. Only one friend was offended that I had returned her items. She said she was “appalled” that I didn’t cherish them myself. “Unsure,” return those items to the senders!

Linda in Indiana

Dear Abby: I did the same thing with photos. But instead of returning them to the person(s) who gave them to me, I gave them to the chil­dren pictured in the photos. Others I saved and presented to the now-grown child’s spouse as a wedding gift.

So far, they have been well-received. Most people are surprised that I actually kept all these photos of them or their children for so long and appreciated the effort I put into the scrapbooks.

Memory Keeper

Dear Abby: I am not a crafter and I’m not very sentimental. I don’t enjoy what I consider clutter. As I’ve gro­wn older, I have done my best to pare down and eliminate things I no longer use. I have embraced technology. If “Unsure” were my friend, I would appreciate it more if she scanned anything she wanted to give back to me.

Either way, I would probably view the scrapbook or e-book, and then deep-six it after the viewing. It crossed my mind that perhaps “Unsure” is cleaning out, and this is her way of getting rid of her “clutter.”

Maureen in Florida

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