July 8, 2014 at 8:44 pm

Dearborn man arrested after allegedly burning Quran in public

Al-Asaidi )

Dearborn An apparently disgruntled member of a Dearborn mosque has been arrested after allegedly publicly burning three copies of the Quran last month.

On June 25 police arrested Ali Al-Asaidi after they found him standing over a burned Muslim holy text on the sidewalk outside the Karbalaa Islamic Center at 15332 Warren.

Officers distracted Al-Asaidi, whom they described as being very upset, long enough to put out the fire. While dealing with Al-Asaidi, Dearborn police received a report of another Quran found burned on Chase, south of Tireman.

After his arrest Al-Asaidi told police he had also burned a Quran outside the mosque June 10. Al-Asaidi said he burned the books because he was upset with the imam and Muslim followers at a local mosque who allegedly refused to help him with financial problems he was facing.

On June 26, Al-Asaidi was charged with a number of public order crimes and pleaded guilty at his arraignment. According to police, they are misdemeanors punishable by 93 days in jail and a fine. He was released on a $300 cash bond.

Al-Asaidi is scheduled to be sentenced 8 a.m. Aug. 5 in the 19th District Court.

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Al-Asaidi )