July 8, 2014 at 8:26 pm

West Bloomfield police investigate apparent 'swatting' 911 call

West Bloomfield — Police are interviewing a West Bloomfield man after they received an apparent prank 911 call from someone who claimed to have killed their wife and neighbor.

SWAT team members were dispatched Tuesday afternoon to Foxpointe Condos, near Orchard Lake and Lake Pine, after receiving the 911 call.

“The subject said he killed his wife and placed explosives around his condo,” said West Bloomfield Police Lt. Curt Lawson. “We responded, set up a perimeter and made evacuation plans.”

The caller then told police he took his neighbor hostage. Shortly after, he told authorities he killed that neighbor, too.

“A short time after this, we determined this was ‘swatting,’ ” Lawson said.

Swatting is essentially prank calling a police agency to produce a large police response, Lawson said. It’s a trend across the country.

Authorities didn’t find anyone in the condo, but they made contact with the resident of the home, as whom the caller identified himself. The condo owner was interviewed.

“He is really big into the gaming world,” Lawson said. “We are looking to see if he is actually responsible.”

Investigators were also working to determine whether the phone used to place the call was a land line, cell phone or satellite phone.

Lawson said the person responsible would face "at least" a felony charge and could have to pay restitution for the SWAT and investigative response, which he described as "quite expensive."

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