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In Today's Detroit News: Sat, August 2, 2014

Ferry owner backs span that may sink his job

Detroit-Windsor Truck Ferry owner Gregg Ward is an advocate for a second bridge over the Detroit River.  Read it in the e-edition

WSU’s student’s life ‘snatched away’

Diamond Scott, on her way to a life in social work who was about to donate a kidney to a fellow church parishioner, was killed Monday morning when her car was broadsided on the city’s west side.  Read more

Toothy catch is a story to chew over

Holley Luft reels in a South American pacu with human-like teeth from Lake St. Clair.  Read more

Scherzer living dream

Tigers pitcher will represent team in the All-Star Game for second consecutive season.  Read more

Stage set for trial on city’s exit plan

Daniel Howes says Detroit’s “grand bargain” is on track to become a grand coalition.  Read more