July 15, 2014 at 1:00 am

Detroit parolee arrested in teenage prostitution sting

Marcus Williams )

Detroit — A 29-year-old parolee and alleged pimp was arrested three weeks ago during a prostitution sting involving teenage girls, according to a complaint filed in federal court Tuesday.

Marcus Williams of Detroit, who went by the street name “Fast Money,” was on parole for unarmed robbery when he was arrested June 24 by members of the Southeast Michigan Crimes Against Children task force.

A 15-year-old girl who allegedly worked for Williams told investigators “that (he) cares for her because he never made her stand on street corners like her old boyfriend did,” according to the complaint. Instead, the girls allegedly turned tricks inside Williams’ west-side home and in hotels, police say.

And a FBI special agent said in an complaint filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court there’s probable cause to charge Williams with sex trafficking of children.

The complaint said investigators got word a 16-year-old girl had run away June 22 from her Jackson home. She “told a cousin that she was going to Detroit ... to make $1,000 per night selling her body,” the complaint said.

The girl’s mother received a text message from a phone, which police cross-referenced on the website www.backpage.com. The phone number showed up on the site, along with several photographs of the runaway bearing the caption: “Exotic Beautiful Goddess Ready For Fun - 21.”

An undercover agent dialed the phone number to set up a date.

“The call was answered by a female who identified herself as ‘China,’ ” according to the complaint. “China,” whom police later found out was also underage, told the agent sex would cost $150 for a half-hour, which was negotiated to $100 for 15 minutes, the complaint said.

“China” provided an address in the 5500 block of Three Mile in Detroit for the rendezvous. Before the undercover agent arrived, a surveillance crew was sent to the house, where they observed an SUV parked in the driveway. After a few minutes, the driver backed up and parked on the street next to the driveway.

The undercover agent arrived and told “China” he didn’t feel comfortable going into the home. The agent also requested two girls. The 16-year-old runaway and a 15-year-old girl exited the house and agreed to perform oral sex for $150.

Officers then took the two minors into custody, the special agent wrote. Police also nabbed three people inside the SUV: a 16-year-old girl, an adult woman described in the filing as “A.B.,” and Williams.

The 15-year-old told investigators she had contacted the 16-year-old Jackson runaway via Facebook, although they’d never met in person. She told the 16-year-old she could make “hundreds of dollars” for sex, the special agent wrote in the complaint.

Williams and the woman known as “A.B.” drove to Jackson and brought the 16-year-old to Detroit, the complaint said.

Williams told the new girl he would take pictures of her and put them on backpage.com, the special agent wrote. “This was described ... as an easy way to make money,” the agent wrote. “Williams was to keep all the money but would buy the girls whatever they wanted.”

The 15-year-old girl told police Williams had planned to rob the undercover agent before other officers descended on the house.

Williams was convicted in 2007 of unarmed robbery after entering into a plea deal with prosecutors. According to the court filing, Williams in 2006 broke into a woman’s home, held a pair of scissors to her neck, threatened to kill her and her minor daughter, and another minor female at the house.

“Williams then forced the victims to go to various ATMs to withdraw money from the adult victim’s bank account,” the court filing said.

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