July 15, 2014 at 1:00 am

In photos: Here's how the Pistons shape up (with free agent Greg Monroe still on the bubble)

Auburn Hills ó For the time being, the Pistonsí offseason appears to be one step away from conclusion, once they resolve their situation with Greg Monroe.

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Adding Jodie Meeks, Caron Butler, D.J. Augustin, Cartier Martin and Aaron Gray likely fulfilled Pistons president Stan Van Gundyís mantra of swinging for singles and doubles as opposed to the home run.

Only Meeks received anything longer than two years in a contract, and Butler, the oldest of the group at 33, has a team option for a second year.

With the roster turnover complete for the moment, here is a look at each position.

Point guards

The deepest position on the roster but one with the most question marks. Van Gundy said heíd address the situation at the introduction for Augustin and Butler Tuesday, but it doesnít take a rocket scientist to figure someone has to go.

Brandon Jennings had an inconsistent season. He could be someone Van Gundy takes under his wing to develop.

Augustin isnít going anywhere and is a stronger defender than Jennings and Will Bynum.

Peyton Sivaís status was released Tuesday, along with center Josh Harrellson. Spencer Dinwiddie isnít a factor yet as he recovers from ACL surgery in January.

Bynum likely will be on the trading block, entering the last season of his contract. Given Bynumís pride ó which has served him well through his long journey ó being a third-string point guard isnít part of his plans.

Shooting guards

A promising position, but their isnít much depth. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope already had potential to be a top-flight defender and played well in the summer league.

Meeks said heís a better defender than his ďgunnerĒ reputation suggests, and he worked on the other facets of his game last season with the Lakers.

Meeksí shooting separates him from Caldwell-Pope at this point, but Van Gundy hasnít ruled out using the two together.

Small forwards

It has more depth than shooting guard but not the upside. Caron Butler is on the downside of an excellent career.

Kyle Singler was pressed into playing more shooting guard last season, similar to his rookie year, but he should be firmly entrenched at the three spot.

Both are good shooters, and Singler picked up his efficiency from 3-point range after a slow start.

Defensively it will be tough on both. Butler isnít as quick laterally as he used to be, and Singler has struggled at times. But both can work in Van Gundyís system, which has hidden poor defenders, and his hard-driving style has turned lesser athletes into something other than sieves on that end.

Gigi Datome came into the NBA with good pedigree as a great shooter, but never found his traction and now the depth chart has plenty of bodies ahead of him.

Martin is a good shooter and aware on defense, although he tends to ball-watch and get lost on help situations.

Power forward

Assuming Monroe returns, itís the position where thereís a surplus. He and Josh Smith, if used properly, can cause matchup problems.

Smith was miscast as a small forward last season, but when he played power forward, his defensive awareness shined on occasion. He can be a force on that end, certainly a reason why Van Gundy doesnít want to just throw him away.

Jonas Jerebko has impressed Van Gundy with his consistency in the practice facility, a must considering heís entering the final year of his contract ($4.5 million), and who knows whatíll happen with in-season trades concerning Monroe or Smith.

As for Tony Mitchell, summer league wasnít particularly encouraging. Although he was the most athletic player on the floor, it was tough for him to find his way against taller players, and he doesnít look particularly comfortable posting up.

Heís certainly talented, and perhaps he would be better served as a bigger small forward ó but that could be too radical a change at this stage of his career.


Andre Drummond is the centerpiece of the roster, thatís for sure. Heís likely the main reason Van Gundy was so attracted to the job when it became available. Defensively, heís a presence. But he has a ways to go in terms of altering shots, something Van Gundy likely will try to harness.

Gray is a tough, physical player whoíll give six fouls during games when pressed into duty ó and give Monroe and Drummond plenty of grief during practices, toughening them up. Itís probably the position the Pistons have the least to worry about, but one thatís most crucial to the Pistonsí development next season.



Greg Monroe remains a question mark for the Pistons. The power forward is a restricted free agent. / Clarence Tabb Jr. / Detroit News