July 17, 2014 at 7:42 pm

Ex-Wolverine Taylor Lewan will have jury trial for assault charges

Michigan's Taylor Lewan was drafted in the first round by the Tennessee Titans. (Detroit News / John T. Greilick)

Ann Arbor Former Michigan All-American offensive lineman Taylor Lewan will have a jury trial in October.

Lewan was in 15th District Court Thursday with attorney John Shea for a pretrial hearing on three misdemeanor assault charges one charge of aggravated assault and two of assault and assault and battery stemming from an alleged incident Dec. 1 in the early hours following the Michigan-Ohio State game.

He is accused of hitting two men, Ryan Munsch and James Hughes of Denver, outside the Brown Jug restaurant.

Lewan, accompanied by his father, Dave Lewan, declined comment outside the courtroom on Thursday.

Taylor Lewan repeatedly has said he did not strike anyone.

Judge Elizabeth Pollard Hines said in court she does not typically schedule jury trials this far out but agreed because neither side objected.

There will be a settlement conference Oct 23, in which Lewan, a first-round NFL draft selection by the Tennessee Titans, may attend via telephone. At the conference, both sides must exchange witness and client lists.

Lewan must be present for jury selection on Monday, Oct 27. The trial is scheduled for Oct. 28 and can be extended to the next day.

The Titans play the Houston Texans on Oct. 26 and have a bye the following week.

Shea requested the jury candidates be drawn from a larger pool because of the amount of publicity the case has drawn.

The judge said she will bring in 45 jurors, an increase from the typical pool of 30.

Lewan has said he was breaking up an incident, but Munsch told Ann Arbor Police that Lewan struck the two men after an incident with Lewan's brother, Bryce.

Lewan is scheduled to report to Titans training camp on July 25.