July 18, 2014 at 1:00 am


Odds and ends ideas around the home

OK, so it’s summer and we have lots of fun things to do outside the home, but home is still home, so here are a few odds and ends that you can do to improve your interiors with little effort and little cost.

■Do you have toss pillows on your couch? One pair might look a bit skimpy, so use two pairs and make them coordinate but not match exactly for greater interest.

■If you have a small bedroom, perhaps a tall bed with a tall headboard will look better than tiny furniture. The illusion will be a bigger room.

■Do you love wallpaper? Here are a few places you might not have thought of putting it. Consider covering sliding closet doors with wallpaper or even wallpapering the ceiling. A wallpapered foyer sets the scene and makes a good first impression.

■The kitchen can take on a fresh new look simply by replacing the pulls and knobs on the cabinets.

■If you have a large bathroom, an area rug will do well in there rather than bathroom throw rugs. It will give the room a stable look and the rug will withstand use much longer.

■The dining room can get an uplift also. The chairs do not have to all match. Making the two head chairs different from the rest will make the room look even more special than it is. Do you only use this room occasionally? Perhaps using it as a library or a co­llection display table will make more use out of it year-round, then when the need for dining is there, sim­ply store the items for a day or two.

■Nothing softens and adds life to a dull corner like a potted pla­nt or tree. If you want to make it even better, add up lights behind it.

■Organization is always a great need in any home, as is extra storage. There are drawer dividers you can buy for your drawers, giving specific space for specific things and making the contents of the drawers well organized.

■Instead of a cocktail table, consider an oversized ottoman. This way you can put your feet up whenever you want, yet use it as a table by placing a tray on it when needed.

■Putting a large mirror across from a window will bounce more light into the room and make the room look bigger.

■If you have a guest room that is rarely used, turn it into an office by taking the doors off the closet and inserting a bulletin board, shelves and a desk into that space. There can still be a pullout sofa bed in the room for the guests and, if necessary, you can purchase a clothes rack for use when guests are visiting.

Rosemary Sadez Friedmann, an interior designer in Naples, Fla., is author of “Mystery of Color.” For design inquiries, write to Rosemary at DsgnQuest@aol.com.