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In Today's Detroit News: Fri, September 19, 2014

Detroit water shut-offs spark war of words

Nine were arrested at two protests that drew hundreds demanding continued service, but state officials say there is no public health crisis.  Read it in the e-edition

Tigers’ pitching falters

In first game back from All-Star break, Detroit gets a rude reminder how much bullpen help it needs.  Read more

From gavel to guitar, bankruptcy judge doesn’t miss a beat

In his free time, such as tonight in Vermont, Steven Rhodes takes the stage with a rock ‘n’ roll cover band.  Read more

GM linked to another recall delay

Stalling reported in 2003, but callback of 6.7 million cars wasn’t issued until 10 years later. Also, NHTSA questions Chrysler’s repair estimate.  Read more

Creditor asks for another delay of Detroit bankruptcy trial

Syncora Guarantee is persistent in seeking a later start to proceedings over the city’s plan to cut debt.  Read more