July 25, 2014 at 11:58 pm

Troy police bust several marijuana grow operations

Police found a 'grow-op' in the 1000 block of Scottsdale with numerous building code violations. (Troy police)

Troy — Police said Friday they are investigating a number of marijuana grow operations in the city suspected of violating either state or local laws.

Acting on a tip, police found a "grow-op" in the 1000 block of Scottsdale that they say met state law for the Michigan Marijuana Act but had numerous building code violations, involving electrical, mechanical and building modifications. Due to concerns, the building's electric and natural gas power were shut off, police said Friday.

So far in July, two more operations have been uncovered, police said.

During the investigation of a roof fire in the 1000 block of East Square Lake, fire officials found faulty wiring at the residence along with indications of a marijuana grow-op with 68 plants in the basement and 31 grams of dried marijuana, slightly more than an ounce. The number of plants exceeded what is allowed for a marijuana caregiver under state law. There were three separate air conditioners attached to the house, whose windows had been covered up, police said.

In the 3000 block of John R, Troy officers acting on a tip found “multiple air conditioning units, boarded up windows and a strong, pungent odor of marijuana wafting from the residence.”

The resident produced what he said was paperwork from the state to grow marijuana but investigators determined it was improper and not in compliance with state law.

Police seized 48 large marijuana plants and 796 grams of marijuana, plus growing equipment. There were also multiple building code violations.

The violations come as residents in several area communities will be asked to consider local ordinances permitting people 21 or older to possess or transfer up to one ounce of marijuana on private property.

Ferndale voters already approved such an ordinance and similar questions will be put to voters in Hazel Park, Huntington Woods and Oak Park between now and November. Voters in Pleasant Ridge will be asked to make marijuana possession a low priority for law enforcement in that city.