August 6, 2014 at 5:14 pm

Martha Firestone Ford listed as team owner, chairman of the board in Lions media guide

A look at Martha Firestone Ford's listing in the Lions preseason media guide. (Detroit Lions)

With the death of owner William Clay Ford Sr. in May, there were questions about who would assume control of the Lions.

In the teamís preseason media guide, Martha Firestone Ford, widow of Ford Sr., is listed as owner and chairman of the board of directors.

Bill Ford Jr.ís title remains vice chairman of the board, but he will likely play a bigger role in the decision-making process moving forward.

Firestone Ford has attended multiple practices since training camp began last week. Ford Jr. was at practice Tuesday.

Firestone Fordís three daughters ó Martha Ford Morse, Sheila Ford Hamp and Elizabeth Ford Kontulis ó are also on the teamís board of directors.

The media guide also includes a 2Ĺ-page tribute to Ford Sr., who bought the team in 1963. He died of pneumonia on March 9 at age 88.