August 7, 2014 at 2:42 pm

'Batman v. Superman' filming lands in downtown Detroit

This movie set wreckage can be seen on Sixth street near Howard. (Melody Baetens / The Detroit News)

Detroit — The lunchtime routine of workers and residents in downtown Detroit was interrupted by a couple caped crusaders Thursday.

Fort and Congress streets remain blocked off between Washington and Griswold for a film shoot, presumably for “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Fort looked like a parking lot, rammed with cars in all directions. Folks walking by were asked not to take cell phone photos.

On Congress, just east of Shelby, there was a bit of action. Pedestrians were shooed away around 12:30 p.m. as camera crews and wardrobe folks buzzed around, preparing to shoot a scene in the parking lot next to the Green Room Salad Bar.

It’s not clear what kind of scene it was (the parking lot didn’t look much different than it does any other day), and workers on site were tight-lipped, although more than one said the filming and street closures would continue through Saturday.

Congress was lined with many Dodge vehicles, from standard issue models to ones that looked souped up or altered, as well as real police and emergency vehicles. The parking lot at Lafayette and Washington was packed with trailers and catering trucks.

Near the Greyhound bus station at Sixth and Howard, a fenced-in lot housed white and orange Metropolis buses and Metropolis police and fire vehicles.

The most interesting thing to see in that area, though, was what looks like the wreckage of a fallen building that is crushing one of the Metropolis buses and a small car. A security guard at the scene said filming had wrapped there, but the area was still aggressively guarded.

Darren Gorder, his wife and their two teen children were by the site Thursday morning to take some photos. They’re from Omaha, Nebraska, and are in town visiting relatives in Warren.

“We heard about the filming from our aunt. She told us about the set down here by the bus station,” he said. Their plan was to spend the rest of the day taking photos around the city.

Film crews working on Congress near Griswold on Thursday afternoon (Melody Baetens / The Detroit News)