August 8, 2014 at 1:00 am

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Custom products offer fun, and allergy safety

Personalized products add a special touch to the home and beyond, and they can be practical as well. (Demby + Solomon)

With so much mass production at our fingertips, it’s refreshing to see personalized products. Even those that are smaller in size can make a big impact.

Lysa Goodman, graphic designer and owner of Demby + Solomon in Commerce Township, creates a line of innovative products that can be customized. At first glance, they may be pretty, but a closer look reveals they have a practical side, too.

For more than a decade, Goodman has been known for her custom invitations and address labels, which have garnered national attention. More recently, she was inspired by one of her sons, who was diagnosed with life-threatening nut allergies.

His condition prompted her to design a 4-inch round label that clearly states a child’s allergies, such as nuts, shellfish and eggs. Graphic images further emphasize the situation.

The colorful labels can adhere to a shirt, lunchbox or backpack for easy visibility. “Little kids will put anything in their mouths, especially when they’re in preschool or in daycare and they’re preverbal,” Goodman says.

Other options include labels with medical information for a child who has asthma or diabetes. “Most medical ID labels are small and bland,” she says. “These are cute and big and eye-catching.”

Her line was also expanded to include personalized home decor like melamine trays and throw pillows. “They’re great housewarming gifts,” says Goodman.

Customized clipboards with a dry erase surface are colorful and fun.

Stampers that feature a photo of your house, family, kids or pets are another recent development.

Other types of personalized pre-inked stampers make great teacher gifts because they serve a purpose with instructions like PLEASE SIGN AND RETURN. “They’re great because they actually use them,” Goodman says.

Other stampers are designed to add a custom touch to homemade gifts or recipe cards.

GoNotes come in an acrylic case that fits in your purse. The personalized sheets are perfect for making a grocery list, and the case doubles as a convenient writing surface.

Custom gift labels have always been her biggest seller. “People like them because kids get invited to a lot of birthday parties,” says Goodman, who remembers having to stop at a drugstore on her way to a party just to get a card.

Custom wrapping paper easily identifies the gift giver with your own signature roll, such as FROM GRANDMA AND GRANDPA.

Demby + Solomon also designs products in conjunction with as an exclusive for the online retailer. These include Gourmet to Go Kits for leftovers or edible gifts. The boxes, which are leak-resistant, microwavable and freezer safe, come with personalized seals.

Another fun find through is a personalized wine label that can cover an existing label or be placed on the back of a bottle instead. “They’re great for an event like a wedding or for those bottling their own brand,” Goodman says.

The next time you’re on the lookout for something out of the ordinary, consider customized items that strike a personal note wherever they land.

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