August 8, 2014 at 1:00 am

Dear Abby: Jeanne Phillips

Woman treats her friend's kitchen like an all-you-can eat buffet

Dear Abby: I have a friend who will help herself to anything in my fridge, pantry, etc. without asking. She also will eat most, if not all, food thats meant to be shared, such as appetizers and snacks at a social gathering. Once she literally polished off an entire plate of appetizers before my guests arrived and I had nothing to feed them.

After she finishes the food, she often says, Oh, I was starving! I find myself hiding food from her when she comes over, or delaying putting treats out for guests until later in the party.

The most recent episode was when I was preparing food for my toddler. While it was cooling on the counter, she helped herself to all of it. She told me afterward she had consumed it.

So you see nothing is safe, not even a childs meal. Abby, how can I tell her what shes doing is wrong and rude?

Stumped in Studio

City, Calif.

Dear Stumped: Your friend may be a compulsive eater, but thats no excuse for what she has been doing. Tell her in plain English that you dont like it when she helps herself to food without first asking, or hogging it when it has been prepared for a party.

Taking something that was meant for your toddler was over the top. Say that if shes feeling starved when shes headed for your house, she should have a snack to take the edge off before arriving. And if you see less of her because of your frankness, consider yourself lucky.

Dear Abby: My sister-in-law is being married in September. I am in the wedding. My wife and I are having a baby in June, but the bride does not want to include my new baby. I think she is concerned people will pay attention to the baby and not her.

Many distant relatives will attend and this may be the only time they will see my son. Am I right to be upset that my son, her nephew, is not invited?

John Doe in Plano, Texas

Dear John Doe: No. Its the brides day, and you should abide by her wishes without complaint. If she prefers not to have her wedding disrupted by an infant who needs feeding or changing, its her choice.

Because you want to show off your new baby, bring along pictures and pass them around. Im sure the relatives will be thrilled to see them.

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