August 8, 2014 at 12:22 pm

2 in custody after barricaded situations prompt SWAT response in Detroit

Barricaded situations in Detroit
Barricaded situations in Detroit: Detroit police commander Elvin Barren gives updates on both scenes.

Detroit — Police arrested two people following separate, alcohol-fueled barricaded situations Friday morning on the city's northwest side.

“This is crazy,” said Elvin Barren, commander of the Detroit police’s metropolitan division, as he approached reporters to detail the developing police situations.

After receiving reports of a boyfriend firing two rounds with a shotgun at a home at 5:39 a.m. Friday, officers made a four-block perimeter on Pembroke Avenue and Saint Marys as they swarmed the area with SWAT team members. SWAT then fanned out in backyards of houses just north of Mansfield.

“The suspect had been drinking, an argument ensued over finances at which time the suspect produced a shotgun,” Barren said.

Barren said two children and the suspect’s girlfriend were inside the home when the suspect fired two rounds in the air outside. Nobody was injured.

At one point, the suspect walked out of one of the homes in his boxers, casually strolling outside the home to sit on the curb.

Shortly after, authorities reported the situation had been resolved with the male subject being taken into custody.

Moments later, however, a second barricaded situation broke out near Pinehurst and Santa Maria after shots were fired in the area in what was described as a “domestic-related” situation involving a husband and wife, according to police.

Barren said police were dispatched at 7:01 a.m. Friday to an apartment complex where a woman, 54, fired one shotgun blast through the front door at her husband, 57.

"The husband comes home after a party with friends. The wife is angry ... her thinking that he could have been with another female," Barren said

The man was able to scamper away unharmed.

“He states this is not the first time she has pointed a weapon at him, however, this is the first time she has fired on him,” Barren said.

His wife initially refused to surrender Friday morning. Police evacuated some residents from the apartment building, however, others remain inside.

The woman had been drinking and possibly using drugs before the incident, her husband told police.

Police said the woman, who had fallen asleep, gave herself up after police had a recording of a relative calling out to the woman with a public announcement system.

“It appears she was at the location asleep, as we figured,” Barren said. “She was woken up by the continuous audible sounds and negotiation attempts. At this time, she is not saying anything. No communication. She just came out and turned herself in.”

Detroit police respond to a domestic situation on Pembroke Avenue in Detroit Friday morning. / Tony Briscoe / The Detroit News