August 12, 2014 at 11:55 pm

Video: Michigan receiver Csont'e York breaks man's jaw with punch, police say

Police: Csont'e York punches man
Police: Csont'e York punches man: Police say Michigan receiver Csont'e York punches this man outside the Scorekeepers bar in Ann Arbor.

Ann Arbor – Suspended Michigan receiver Csont’e York allegedly threw a punch and broke the jaw of another man outside Scorekeepers bar last month, according to an Ann Arbor Police Department report obtained by The Detroit News on Tuesday.

A video of the incident also was released by the police department.

York has been charged with one count of aggravated assault and two counts of assault or assault and battery and is scheduled for arraignment Aug. 22 in 15th District Court.

According to the police report, Michigan receiver Da’Mario Jones also was with York during the incident. But court records do not indicate he has been charged.

John Lavoie-Mayer was struck by York – the incident was captured on video outside the bar – and his mother told police her son suffered a broken jaw in three places, required plates to repair it, and the jaw was wired. He will require follow-up medical care every two weeks for several weeks, she said.

According to officer David Monroe's follow-up report describing what he saw on the video, he said it appears York was unprovoked before striking Lavoie-Mayer.

"With Mayer either looking forward or possibly slightly away from York, when York uses his right fist, punching in a westward direction, striking Lavoie-Mayer on the left side of his head," Monroe wrote.

York told police he was elbowed by a male as he tried to walk outside of Scorekeepers the weekend of the Ann Arbor Art Fair in July. He said he responded “chill out” to the subject. The two started arguing. York said he and Jones and two women they were with began to walk away.

A different individual in the group, according to York, “pressed up on (Jones) face to face exchanging words for no reason. The guy bumped Da’Mario with his forearm.”

York said he got “nervous and scared” about the situation.

“So I hit the guy,” he said in the police report, adding he used his right fist.

He told police that after Lavoie-Mayer fell, he and Jones ran.

According to one witness, Lavoie-Mayer and his friend had just left Scorekeepers and a group of individuals were arguing about football and hockey.

“All of a sudden the guy (York) just came up and cold clocked John,” the witness said in the police report. “John then fell to this left side and hit the cement.”

Jones said in his witness report that he was approached by a man who made a comment to them about thinking they’re “really tough.”

He told the guy to step away and said, “Bro, you don’t want any problems,” according to Jones’ statement to police. Jones said he was backing away when the male kept getting closer and closer and was right in his face. Jones told police York hit the individual.

“Because he really thought this guy was going to hit me, because he was stepping toward me yelling in my face,” Jones said. “We ran away because we were scared. I think these guys were trying to antagonize us because we were athletes and they knew we could not do anything.”

Michigan coach Brady Hoke said York is suspended but still on the team.

“We’re going to go through the process,” Hoke said Tuesday. “He’s been a part of this team. Status hasn’t changed.”

The Ann Arbor Art Fair was July 16-19.

Csont'e York is a sophomore from Chandler Park Academy. / John T. Greilick / Detroit News