August 14, 2014 at 1:44 pm

Seger releasing new single, 'Detroit Made,' about cars

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Bob Seger, but he’s been quietly polishing that long-in-the-works new album.

Now, in time for Saturday’s Woodward Dream Cruise, he’s released the first single from the album to radio — “Detroit Made,” the John Hiatt-written ode to Detroit cars, specifically the old Buick Electra.

“Detroit Made” is a song Seger was opening his concerts with during his 2013 tour. It was sent to Detroit radio stations Thursday, as the first single from the rocker’s new album. He’s also been performing an original song from the forthcoming album, the reflective “All the Roads,” in concert.

A further announcement will be made early next week, and one can presume it will include a release date for the new album.

The lyrics to “Detroit Made” will hit Woodward cruisers right in their big block engines: “I got me a deuce and a quarter, babe, she will ride you right/Pick you up about half past nine, we can ride all night ... She's a Detroit made deuce and a quarter, babe, she's a Detroit made deuce and a quarter.”

Seger has long been known for his love of vintage Detroit cars, especially Ford Mustangs.

Bob Seger / Brandy Baker / The Detroit News