August 24, 2014 at 1:00 am


Readers talk school choice, charter schools

Charters lack in quality

Re: The Detroit Newsí August 20 Editorial, ďWho should run Detroitís schools?Ē: In Detroit, I havenít seen the improvements that The News claims have been brought about by charter schools. The schools in the area are much worse than before the charterfest. When it comes to looking at testing, I havenít seen the improvement in choices for parents meaning charters that perform at or above the best public schools levels, especially high schools.

Gaston Nash, Detroit

Worth a try

I donít know who should run Detroit Public Schools, but the current structure isnít working. There are so many honest and competent people in Detroit, yet Detroiters elect corrupt people to run their city and schools. It will be interesting to see what Mayor Mike Duggan can do.

John McElroy,

Supply, North Carolina