August 27, 2014 at 5:21 pm

Mom says son handcuffed her in garage with truck running to try to kill her

Adam D. Lutz , is accused of handcuffing his mother, Gloriann Lutz, 78, in the family's garage and running a vehicle, hoping to kill her by carbon monoxide poisoning. )

Pontiac A 78-year-old Waterford Township woman testified Wednesday her son handcuffed her inside their garage for nearly four hours, trying to kill her with carbon monoxide fumes from a truck.

Adam D. Lutz, 46, is charged with assault with intent to murder, attempted murder, torture and unlawful imprisonment in the Aug. 26, 2013, incident on Coseyburn Road where he lived with his mother, Gloriann Lutz. His parents are divorced, his father deceased.

I cant understand what happened to my son, Gloriann Lutz testified during her sons jury trial supervised by Oakland Circuit Judge Martha Anderson. ... I think he had taken something (drugs). When he took me out to the garage I thought I was gone.

He said ... Mother Im going to kill you. Youre going to die. You have eight minutes.

Mrs. Lutz, the first witness to be called in the trial, recounted how earlier in the day her son had instructed her to pick him up $1,000 in cash. When she returned home from errands he seemed angry and was wearing several badges around his neck on a chain. The badges belonged to Lutzs late father, who was a police officer.

She said she thought her son planned to shove her down stairs but instead took her into the garage, handcuffed her to a filing cabinet and started up a GMC Suburban parked inside, telling her she had eight minutes to live.

I kept asking him Why didnt we talk about why he was upset, she testified, Why didnt we go to Red Lobster, somewhere to work something out?

When left alone, Gloriann Lutz said she was able to reach a golf club and use it to trigger the garage door opener, causing her son to return and then handcuff her to the Suburbans trailer hitch. Investigators believe he was restarting the ignition with a remote control device.

The woman said the Suburban would run for about 25 minutes and then shut off automatically and her son would return to the garage and start it up again.

He would come back, look inside and say Arent you dead yet? Why dont you die?

She said the process continued for at least 3 hours until he finally tossed her the keys to the handcuffs and she freed herself. She then tried to drive away but he took her keys and retreated into the house when she sprayed him in the eyes with hand sanitizer.

Gloriann Lutz, who suffered severe bruising to her wrists and knees, said she slept outside by their swimming pool overnight and the next day was able to make it to a neighbors house and called police. Her son was arrested without incident inside the home.

Defense attorney Howard Arnkoff asked Mrs. Lutz if her son was angry because she had made his older sister in charge of her financial affairs, including the upcoming sale of her $344,000 home on Loon Lake.

He said Youve taken my life from me. Ive no kids, no wife, because Im stuck with you, she testified.

Adam Lutz remains in the Oakland County Jail on charges that carry up to life in prison.

Lutz, who has a past conviction for growing marijuana in violation of state law, has passed a forensic psychiatric examination which indicated he is able to assist in his own defense.
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