August 29, 2014 at 1:12 pm

Bob Seger leaks track list on social media

A hand-scrawled list of what appears to be a track listing was posted Friday on Bob Seger's social media accounts. (Instagram)

In case you were wondering what the songs are going to be on that new Bob Seger album, “Ride Out,” due to drop Oct. 14, his social media team posted a hand-scrawled list of what appears to be the track listing.

The list was posted on Seger’s Instagram and Facebook accounts.

The song titles are abbreviated; the first one listed is “Detroit,” which would be “Detroit Made,” the John Hiatt song released as his first single during Dream Cruise week. Other familiar ones include “Cal Stars” (“California Stars”) and “Roads,” which would be “All the Roads,” which fans heard during his 2013 concerts.