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In Today's Detroit News: Thu, September 18, 2014

Spartans off to fast start

In season’s first game, Michigan State wins 45-7, shows it’s ready for its showdown with Oregon.  Read it in the e-edition

Police in Michigan testing bodycams for interactions with the public

After high-profile issues nationwide, more police forces, including Michigan State Police and Detroit Police Department, are weighing the benefits of cameras.  Read more

Detroit may sweeten bankruptcy deal for Syncora

Airport and other public assets dangled before creditor ahead of Chapter 9 deal.  Read more

Witness testifies dogs were ‘hanging from’ jogger

Preliminary exam for owners of Cane Corsos charged with second-degree murder gives details about the fatal attack.  Read more

Film festival a fine time to play Where’s Oscar?

Long: Many contenders won’t be at the Toronto Film Festival, but the winner just might be.  Read more