September 4, 2014 at 10:42 am

Problems with IV line affected Oklahoma execution

Clayton Lockett (AP)

Oklahoma City — A review of an Oklahoma execution that was halted midway through says an improperly monitored IV line likely caused problems in administering three lethal drugs.

The report released Thursday by the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety noted that a paramedic and physician inserted the intravenous line in Clayton Lockett’s groin after failing to find a suitable veins in his arms, legs, neck and feet.

The report says the IV site was covered with a sheet and not monitored until Lockett began moving unexpectedly after receiving two doses of drugs on April 29.

The report says investigators couldn’t determine the effectiveness of the drugs, which included midazolam, because of the IV line failure.

Gov. Mary Fallin had no immediate comment on the report, nor did a corrections department spokesman.