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Set up a Detroit News RSS feed

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) allows you to easily add headlines from The Detroit News to your Web site or Web log. You can also view our RSS feeds in news readers.

Each feed provides a headline and a link to the full-text article on

What is RSS?

RSS is an XML format designed for sharing news headlines and other online content. These "feeds," or "channels," are readable by other Web sites and a variety of desktop software programs known as news readers or news aggregators. These programs allow you to pull together continuously updated content from various sources into one place.

Most news readers are applications that you download and install. Some others are Web-based service you sign-up for that work inside your browser.

How do I set up news feeds from

After setting up your news reader, you will be ready to use our RSS feeds. To add one or more of our feeds, right-click on one of the channels below and select "Copy Shortcut" or "Copy Link Location" to copy the location (URL) of the service. Follow the instructions for your particular news reader, and then paste this location wherever it asks for the location of the service you wish to add.

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    If you display one or more of these feeds on a Web site or Web log, you must display the logo that is included in the feed, or give other attribution to We reserve the right to require any site to cease the display of our feeds at any time and for any reason.