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In these columns, Detroit News Food Editor Maureen Tisdale and newsroom friends share stories, tips, recipes and ideas learned through kitchen triumphs and failures, as well as cooking TV shows, social media and conversations. You can do the same in the comments section at the end of each feature. Follow Maureen on Twitter @reentiz for a head's-up on these columns, cookbook giveaways and more. Join the conversation!

    • Food + Drink
    • 3:21 PM, Jun. 30, 2014

    Let's Talk Food: Cookies that improve with time

    What seemed like a quirk of one recipe turns out to be a real thing: Sometimes cookies taste better the next day. Read on for the story from the man behind the cookies eaten on stage at Stagecrafters' recent sold-out production of 'Wizard of Oz,' plus recipes for those Brownie Cookies and Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.

    • 6:01 PM, Jun. 23, 2014
    • Food + Drink

    Let's Talk Food: Strawberry Shortcake, and what's your true taste of summer?

    Editor's note: You might remember my friend Dawn from previous Let's Talk Foods, including potato tacos and fridge mash-ups. Today, she's taking the reins, sharing her summery Strawberry Shortcake.

    • 3:22 PM, Jun. 17, 2014
    • Food + Drink

    Let's Talk Food: Backyard barbecue tips

    We had 54 people over Saturday for our son's birthday party that acts as an excuse for an annual backyard barbecue, and I was up at 3 a.m. that night taking notes on what worked and what to change for next year. Some of what I learned, and Let's Talk Food: What are your backyard barbecue tips and tricks?

    • 2:24 PM, Jun. 9, 2014
    • Food + Drink

    Let's Talk Food: Lemon-Garlic Yukon Gold Potato Smash, and what are your favorite summer potato recipes?

    I can't remember how long it's been since my husband raved about something I made (I've been in a bit of a rut), but Sunday this flavor-charged, summery Lemon-Garlic Yukon Gold Potato Smash made it happen. Read on for the recipe (and tell us about your best summer taters).

    • 4:59 PM, Jun. 3, 2014
    • Food + Drink

    Let's Talk Food (and maybe win a cookbook): 'Showstopping Recipes & Riffs from Country's Biggest Stars'

    Miranda Lambert is among the country music stars who shares a bit about her family and love of food (as well as a recipe for her Mama's Meatloaf) in the cookbook 'Southern Living: Country Music's Greatest Eats presented by CMT Showstopping Recipes & Riffs from Country's Biggest Stars.' Read on for the meatloaf recipe and details on your chance to win a copy.

    • 1:12 PM, May. 22, 2014
    • Food + Drink

    Let's Talk Food (& maybe win a cookbook): 'Eat What You Love Everyday'

    Kicking back a bit for Memorial Day, I share some of my favorite simple foods and would love to know your favorite everyday foods, whether they're simple or complex. Read on for more and details on a chance at the cookbook 'Eat What You Love Everyday: 200 All-New, Great-Tasting Recipes (low in sugar, fat and calories)' by Marlene Koch.

    • 10:43 PM, May. 18, 2014
    • Food + Drink

    Let's Talk Food: Softer, gentler Toll House cookies, and how are you tweaking famous recipes?

    My husband loves this tweak on Toll House that ups the brown sugar, splits the butter with shortening and lowers the bake time for a softer, chewier version. Let's Talk Food: Any tweaks to classics you want to share?

    • 2:55 PM, May. 2, 2014
    • Food + Drink

    Let's Talk Food (& maybe win a cookbook): 'The Blender Girl'

    I tucked my blender in a hard-to-reach cupboard this past week, so I know I won't be enjoying 'The Blender Girl' cookbook any time soon. My loss (of interest) is some lucky reader's gain. Read on for details on how to enter for your chance to win.

    • 7:03 PM, Apr. 28, 2014
    • Food + Drink

    Let's Talk Food: Slow-Cooker Enchilada Casserole, and what are your easy versions of dishes?

    This weekend I made my best version yet of this easy take on Mexican enchiladas. This super-flexible recipe, which would probably actually work easily for oven-baking too, is adapted from 'Slow Cooker Revolution Volume 2' and packed with tips useful in other applications. The recipe, and Let's Talk Food: Got any easy versions of classics to share?

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