November 25, 2015 at 12:01 am

Detroit News Investigation

Detroit tax breaks go to the well-heeled

  1. Tax burden, low property values lead to exodus of Detroit residents

    For a generation, Detroit has levied as many property taxes as it legally could on its citizens. Now, after decades of plummeting population and property values, some wonder if that was such a good idea.

    • Feb. 21, 2013

    Half of Detroit property owners donít pay taxes

    Nearly half of the owners of Detroitís 305,000 properties failed to pay their tax bills last year, exacerbating a punishing cycle of declining revenues and diminished services for a city in a financial crisis, according to a Detroit News analysis of government records.

  2. Interactive: Property taxes paid in Detroit

    Owners of just over half of Detroit's taxable properties paid their 2011 property taxes. The Detroit News mapped out delinquencies throughout the city; a tax bill was considered paid in full if at least 95 percent of the amount was paid. About four percent of property owners paid a portion of their bill.

    • Feb. 21, 2013

    Overwhelmed Wayne County ignores thousands of possible Detroit foreclosures

    Wayne County is ignoring thousands of properties that should be foreclosed, inaction that may be in violation of state law and could encourage squatting, scrapping and speculation.

    • Feb. 21, 2013

    Detroitís property tax assessments are inflated, experts say

    Detroit ó Tax scofflaws are emboldened because city residential assessments often bear little relation to reality, according to new research.

  1. Detroitís property tax system plagued by mistakes, waste

    The cityís property tax system is riddled with errors and waste, and is overseen by a pair of double-dipping officials who work just two days a week.

    • Feb. 22, 2013

    Detroit tax review members face scrutiny for own bills

    Detroit ó The chairman of a city board that rules on tax appeals contends his upscale home is exempt from being taxed because it is a church parsonage.

  2. 5 ways for Detroit to fix its broken property tax system

    Detroit wonít recover from financial crisis until it resolves a property tax system that produces too little money to provide basic services but over-taxes residents to a point where about half donít pay, experts say.

  3. Snyder: Land banks may help slow Detroit foreclosures

    Detroit ó Gov. Rick Snyder said land banks could help slow an avalanche of foreclosures in Detroit caused in part by high property taxes and unrealistic assessments.

Interactive map

Hover over any census tract to see the percentage of parcels whose taxes were paid in full in 2011, plus other tax and population data. Click on a black location point for images and descriptions of six neighborhoods.

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