April 21, 2014 at 1:00 am

Michigan's top high school graduates for 2013

Once again The Detroit News honors some of the area's most impressive high school seniors, selected on the basis of grades, test scores, honors, community involvement and a demonstrated ability in one of the academic areas. Final selections were made by panels of judges that included teachers, counselors and other academic specialists. Congratulations to all of the graduating seniors in the class of 2013.


Meet the graduates

Browse the gallery of some of the top high school seniors in Michigan in 2013

Meet the Judges

Against All Odds

Gail Fowler, academic success coach, Westwood New Tech High School

Kimberly Sams-Smith, freelance journalist



Ruben Luna, associate sports editor, The Detroit News

Tom Markowski, high school sports writer, The Detroit News



Dave Brown, health and physical education teacher, Oxford High School

Kathryn Goetz, Michigan Department of Education



Walter Middlebrook, assistant managing editor-metro, The Detroit News


Language Arts

Mary M. Hall-Rayford, teacher, Wayne State University, Michigan Council of Teachers of English, executive committee



Marianne Srock, mathematics consultant, Macomb Intermediate School District


Performing Arts

Paul Lichau, executive director, Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association



Michael Klein, president, Michigan Science Teachers Association

LaMoine Motz, director, Oakland Science/Mathematics Center

Jim Munson, science education professor, Oakland University


Visual Arts

Richard Epps, presentation editor, The Detroit News



Eileen Conor, work-based coordinator, Calhoun Area Career Center

Mary Jane Cipcic, outreach specialist (marketing/PR), Calhoun Area Career Center


World Studies

David Hales, social studies consultant, Wayne County Regional Educational Service Agency

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