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  1. Gov's race shouldn't be this close

    The most comfortable bet I would make in this election season is that Gov. Rick Snyder would win re-election, and easily.

  2. To change culture, change faces

    Wayne County has switched leaders before without changing course. If county residents want change, they'll have to break their habit of voting for familiar names.

  3. Welcome to Dysfunction Junction

    Just as Detroit was starting to gain some positive traction for its image, it walked off the dock by bungling an overdue attempt to end the city's pay-if-you-want culture.

  4. Parts are not parts, after all

    Society has for too long relied on genitalia to assume maleness and femaleness. Donít do it, my Netroots comrades caution. Gender is not about what does or doesnít dangle.

  5. There is no right to free water

    Water is not a human right. It's a human need. Ever since Adam and Eve got booted out of Eden, people have devoted most of their energy and labor to meeting the basic needs of food, water, clothing and shelter.

  6. Column: This time, let Israel finish job

    As long as the terrorist group is given de facto protection by world leaders who would not tolerate a similar hostile attack on their sovereign nations, nothing will change in this conflict.

  7. Brightest aren't on your election ballot

    Here are two phrases that do NOT come to mind as I evaluate the options voters face in the Aug. 5 primary: 'best and brightest' and 'cream of the crop.'

  8. Belle Isle rowdies shift downtown

    Warm Saturday nights on Belle Isle used to mean an island-wide, anything-goes party, with booze flowing, music blasting and vehicles lurching along bumper to bumper.

  9. Divest from Palestinians instead

    So now all the cool kids have decided Israel is a bully state that should no longer be eligible for international investment because of its so-called oppression of the Palestinians.

  10. Be honest about where gas taxes go

    Travelers who leave the state for summer vacations will notice two things: roads will be smoother almost everywhere they go, and gasoline prices will be roughly the same as they are back home.

  11. Anti-incumbent wave building

    The gelling consensus is that Eric Cantor's defeat last week in Virginia by a tea party upstart, along with Thad Cochran's fight for his life in Mississippi and several other tough GOP primary battles confirms the party is riven by an ideological war.

  12. Why not Snyder in 2016?

    For a guy who's played very little on the national stage, Gov. Rick Snyder is picking up surprising looks as a possible Republican presidential contender.

  13. Needed: Grand bargain for rest of Detroit's jewels

    Leaders of those cultural organizations that aren't the Detroit Institute of Arts say they are 100 percent supportive of the Grand Bargain that will raise more than $800 million to protect the DIA's artwork. But ...

  14. Nobody seems to like Buckfire

    Mention Ken Buckfire's name and the reaction is visceral from those who are involved in the tense negotiations to establish a regional water authority.

  15. Oakland Co. exec Patterson feels water pressure from Gov. Snyder

    Very quietly, behind the scenes here, Gov. Rick Snyder and L. Brooks Patterson had their first face-to-face meeting Thursday on the contentious issue of ...

  16. Wayne County exec race still waiting on UAW

    Candidates for Wayne County executive are on Mackinac Island in force, working the porch of the Grand Hotel for donations and votes. They might be better off ...

Editorial Page Editor & Columnist

Nolan Finley is Editorial Page Editor of The Detroit News, a position he's held since May 1, 2000. He directs the expression of the newspaper's editorial position on various national and local issues, and also writes a column in the Sunday newspaper.

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Prior to becoming Editorial Page Editor, Finley was the newspaper's Deputy Managing Editor, directing the newsroom.

Previously, he served as Business Editor, and in various editing positions on the city, state and metro desks. He was also a reporter, covering Detroit City Hall during the Coleman Young administration.

Finley has been with the newspaper since 1976, starting as a copy boy in the newsroom while a student at Wayne State University. He is a graduate of both Schoolcraft College in Livonia and Wayne State, where he earned a Bachelor's degree in journalism. In 2001, Schoolcraft named him its outstanding alumni.

He is a native of Cumberland County, Ky.

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