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  1. Detroit civil rights symbol Dunbar Hospital going to highest bidder

    When it opened in 1919, Dunbar Hospital was a symbol of self-determination and achievement for Detroit's first black doctors. Today, it's up for grabs in the Wayne County tax auction.

  2. For 6 Southfield centenarians, a long life is a life well lived

    Southfield Tuesday, six centenarians who live in a Southfield senior complex were honored by the city for their longevity, experience and service.

    • 7:25 PM, Sep. 16, 2014

    New lion heads for Detroit's Whitney Building are a sign of times

    Starting next week, workmen from Ram Construction will begin hauling 26 lion heads up 19 stories to the top of the David Whitney Building on Grand Circus Park.

  3. Detroit News to launch revamped Web, mobile sites

    Whether you just dabble in digital or read all of The News' platforms every day, you'll notice some big changes starting Thursday.

  4. Review: Tense 'The Guest' is a killer of a movie

    'The Guest' is a welcome entry to the murder machine film genre. It's not exactly groundbreaking stuff, but director Adam Wingard brings a nice, measured tension to the script before letting all heck break loose.

    • 10:42 PM, Sep. 16, 2014

    Domestic abuse now at 'epidemic' levels

    Domestic abuse cases rarely make headlines unless you're somebody famous like NFL player Ray Rice, or, as in the case of the recent arrest of Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor Robert Stevens, in a position of power.

  5. Make your recreation healthier with Fresh Air Fit programs

    Michigan's Fresh Air Fit program partners state parks with local fitness instructors to offer health and wellness activities in the great outdoors.

  6. Ganbei sticks to tasty American-style Chinese with no reservations

    Ganbei is unabashedly American Chinese, serving the dishes that have become popular over the years with a wide spectrum of diners. And there's something refreshing about that.

  7. 25-year-old manages to bring back the Detroit Fringe Festival

    After only three years in Detroit, 25-year-old Emilio Gonzalez took it upon himself to create a new event celebrating his new home's underground theater scene.

  8. 4 contestants on 'Biggest Loser' have Michigan ties

    Former cheerleader Andrea Wilamowski, and former Detroit Lions stars Scott Mitchell and Damien Woody are competing on the show, as is Rondalee Beardslee, a former volleyball champion.

  9. The key to being well-liked is to make yourself likable

    Dear Abby: I'm a 15-year-old girl. When I'm with the high school group of kids at my church, I try to extend myself and talk, but they never reciprocate much.

  10. Review: 'My Old Lady' deftly juggles somber, silly and sweet

    At first, 'My Old Lady' seems to just have a twinkle in its eye, but the film takes on some surprising heft as it moves along.

  11. 'Worst' tax code behind corporate flight

    It's not corporate greed or a lack of patriotism that is driving American corporations overseas, as President Barack Obama contends. It's one of the worst corporate tax codes in the developed world.

  12. Heal time longer on fingertip crush injuries

    Dear Dr. Roach: Three months ago, I slammed the fingertip of my left index finger in a drawer. The fingertip is still swollen and painful. My doctor sent me for an X-ray, and there is no fracture. I can bend it at the joint, but cannot put pressure on the fingertip. I looked online, and read something that said a fingertip crush injury can take six months to a year to heal, and the swelling may never go away completely.

  13. Free screenings of Sundance faves to play at varied local venues

    The Sundance Institute is packing its bags and heading to Detroit as it takes a bit of its signature film festival's magic on the road.

  14. In praise of our supreme law

    Today, millions of Americans will commemorate the adoption of the foundational legal document of our nation, the U.S. Constitution.

  15. Do corporations have Constitutional rights?

    Thirty-nine brave men signed the U.S. Constitution on Sept. 17, 1787, and cemented the foundation of our legal system, democracy and way of life for the ...

  16. Timothy Van Laar is deserving of closer inspection

    At first glance, you're likely to be struck by the playfulness behind many of Timothy Van Laar's handsome, spare paintings in 'The Loss of Either/Or' at ...

  17. Beware China organ harvesting

    China carries out the second largest number of organ transplants per year in the world, and the waiting time for a vital organ there is only 1 to 4 weeks, ...

  18. Scotland is in no position to seek independence

    The Scottish and English haven't taken up arms, as forces loyal to both nations did here last in 1746, but political voices are waging a fierce war of rhetoric ...

  19. Unions lead the way on equality in Michigan

    Last month, the Michigan AFL-CIO co-sponsored the 25th anniversary Michigan Pride rally at the state capitol, standing up for the rights of our state's lesbian, ...

  20. Weekend planner: Your guide to local events

    Monica opens for Keyshia Cole on Saturday at the Fox, hear Enrique Iglesias with Pitbull, see the classic 'My Fair Lady' on stage and more.

    • Sep. 17, 2014

    In today's e-Edition of The Detroit News

    Dunbar Hospital, a symbol of achievement for Detroit's first black doctors, is up for grabs in the Wayne County tax auction. #1

  21. Wednesday's TV/radio

    3:30 San Francisco at Arizona, MLB

  22. Tickets on sale

    Pick up seats this weekend for George Lopez, Lucinda Williams, Lee Bice, John Mellencamp, Styx, Ariana Grande, Kathy Griffin and more.

  23. Missing girl,12, found safe, Canton police say

    A 12-year-old girl reported missing Tuesday morning in Canton Township has been found safe, police said Tuesday night.

  24. Tigers' Joe Nathan unravels in 9th, wastes J.D. Martinez's heroic homer

    Martinez's three-run shot into the right-field loft in the ninth had with one dramatic cut, saved the Tigers from a 2-0 rubout and put them on top, 3-2. But ...

  25. Surprise guilty plea for Oakland Twp. cancer doctor over false treatments, fraud

    Detroit Dr. Farid Fata, accused of giving chemotherapy to patients who didn't have cancer as part of an alleged scheme to bilk Medicare out of millions of dollars, has ...

  26. Gunman releases hostages, surrenders at restaurant on Detroit's east side

    An hour-long standoff at a Detroit coney island ended late Tuesday when the suspect released six hostages and surrendered to police. No shots were fired.

  27. Allegation of assault in jail for Cass Tech quarterback

    The Wayne County Sheriff's Office is investigating an allegation that Jayru Campbell assaulted somebody while in the Wayne County Jail.


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